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Angela on Episode 1: Sheer Ambition

Yeah I was caught sleeping in the bowl…. not professional. But while sleeping I was dreaming about giving a client a fabulous hair style. Soon after Kim woke me up my dream became reality. From now on, no naps at the salon but they will always be a part of my routine.

I made a lot of distinctions about age, but by no means do I feel that 40 is the beginning of the dwindling process. Kim at 40 has established a successful career in the beauty industry. Me, being 25, my “time” was referring to my journey through the industry as well. Obviously, journeys don’t stop and start at a specific time. Quite frankly, I’m confident that my time is coming.

I love the kids out of the salon, but in the salon… NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!! I think that children should go to salons specifically catered to their needs. Like Kiddie Kuts in Chi-Town! Working with Sarah was a delight. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Another satisfied client.