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Angela on Episode 4: Divas Divided

The miscommunications between Kim and I over Eve, was simply that…. a miscommunication. I appreciate Kim for allowing us to finally have a civil conversation outside the salon. I was really nervous on how things were going to go but I’m glad she is forgiving and wants me to be apart of the team. My suspension helped me realize how much I enjoy working with everyone and how lucky I am to be at such a reputable salon. Now that I’m on the right page I’m ready to work again.

Hold up, who is this China chick taking over my station??? I must have been gone a bit too long because the salon seemed to get smaller. China is waaaayyyy too much for everyone and she hasn’t even been there a week!

The Sheri Headly retransformation was flawless!!! I can’t believe she had to go long to short, and back long again in a few days… That’s Hollywood for you, and it keeps us hairstylists busy! Kim Kimble knows all about continuity and duplicating hairstyles, It’s so rewarding to learn new things from the best!

Kim’s blind date was so funny. I can’t believe Jazz grilled him like that. She asked the right questions though LOLl. He seems like a nice guy. I hope the second date is a bit more private. Enjoy Kim!