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Angela on Episode 5: Wigged Out

Multitasking is a huge part of balancing a clientele. I’m glad I learned how to do that. China on the other hand, didn’t seem to get the memo. I decided to service Antoinique since I’m still building my clientele and there was space in my schedule. I love meeting and working with new clients!

Hearing about Miss Piggy getting her hair done seemed a bit bizarre to me at first, I somehow forgot how much of a diva she was. He hair was gorgeous, perfect for her dress and personality; classic Hollywood.

I really enjoyed working on the Kevin Hall/Micky Taylor phototube shoot, and was happy Kim included us on the job. You really never know what to expect on such a high pressure time sensitive shoot but, where there’s a wig, there’s a way! The shoot was a success with Kim’s vision for dry textured hair. I learned how to think about more abstract silouhettes when it comes to high fashion and editorial photoshoots. The end result was absolutely chic.