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Angela on Episode 6: China Wages War

A New salon?!?!
A temp salon?!?!

In the words of Anthony, “what’s happening right now???” I had so many questions at dinner I, didn’t know what to ask first. And to hear that China was put in charge on top of everything else really threw me off. I personally don’t feel China would have been the best for management but we have to respect Kim’s decision. China will tumble down shortly, the team is confident about that! It’s one thing to be a great hairstylist, it’s another to be a leader and team player.

My predictions were correct about China’s management skills. The tension in the new salon is building around her bad leadership. Hopefully this situation gets better before it gets worse. The new salon is beautiful overall. Kim did a great job finding a location with such short notice. There’s so much pressure on her I can’t imagine anything else adding to it.

The Brandy and Monica’s look was so fly. I especially loved the “superhero curls.” Monica’s ombre, Navaho, rock and roll curls were really pretty. They both had distinct looks of their own which made their onscreen collaboration even hotter.