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Anthony on Episode 2: Charity Case

I’m totally a fan for strong powerful women who know what they want, but in no way will I let anyone disrespect me.

First of all, Omarosa walked in like she owned the place and the truth is, I didn’t recognize her when she first arrived. Then she started on my girl Charity who yes, is a space cadet, but then she started on me. Hello camel breathe, of course I know what tender head means, I wasn’t born yesterday. Oh then it gets better – Terry decides to pull my hair, are you kidding me? It’s never ever OK to touch anyone in a professional environment, let alone pull their hair. I was pissed! To top it off, Omarosa and Terry gave each other a big high five like it was totally OK to pull my hair. That’s when I went off; Omarosa then proceeds to ask me if I’m sensitive which is when I let loose “No b****, don’t confuse sensitivity for anger!” That’s what I had to say. Yea, her hair looked nice afterward, but she’s still terrible and now I know why she has the reputation. At least I can say I conquered Omarosa.

Furthermore, Kym Whitley is fun as hell and I love her, but she looks like a hot mess. One more thing, Angela had her poor client’s bangs looking jank bahahah I had to lol at those hideous things.