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Anthony on Episode 3: First Cut is the Deepest

Where do I begin? This whole episode was really hard to watch because the two people that I care about were in distress.
This is what I think from an outside perspective:
It’s true, Angela did sign paperwork to be loyal to Kim and obviously Angela did whatever she wanted to do for her own gain, which sucks. When this whole argument was going down of course I felt like I was in the middle of it some how or another. I remember when Angela asked me to help her wash out her client and Kim went off, “Anthony’s my assistant and you need to ask me before you use him.” At this point I was confused because being a team player I wanted to help Angela but at the same time Kim’s paying me to be her assistant so I was conflicted.
When Angela was telling Dontay about her gig with Eve, I remember hearing about it before and then when Angela went ahead and did her it was obviously a hot mess. I don’t think it’s ever OK to bite the hand that feeds you! I think that Angela should have been up-front with Kim and told her that she was going to do Eve. Then, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal and all this mess wouldn’t have been as messy. At the same time, Kim doesn’t own clients and if patrons want to follow Angela, then so be it. I see both sides and really it can be chalked up to a huge lack of communication on both ends. In the end, though, these two will never be friends and it’s too bad ‘cause Angela could have learned way more from Kim.
I can only imagine how much stress and pressure they both went through, but here it is straight: it takes 2 to tango, so they’re both wrong in some aspect. Now my girl taking it below the belt just makes her look bad. Personally, it’s pretty funny to watch, but at the same time I know relationships were ruined so it sucks too. Hopefully these chicas can get along because I love them both and I hate to see people I love fight.
Now China stepping into the shop – OMG! I had no idea they were going to add a new member. I was kind of floored when she took Angela’s station because in my mind she was going to come back. At first my first impression of China was, OK, she’s cute. Love the hair. Seems nice. But then it changed to, who the f*ck does she think she is.
When Terry was putting his comb in her client’s hair I would have done the same thing. It’s never OK to make your fellow stylists look bad in front of their client. At the same time it’s Kim’s salon and if she wants to intervene then so be it. Terry needs to mind his own business; I mean, I know he knows everything about hair, but, gosh, stay out her way, boo.
It was so funny when Dontay came back to the shop. I love him. It’s so funny that all the boys are such gossipy girls, lol.