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Anthony on Episode 5: Wigged Out

First things first: my vintage Umbrella jacket was fierce, just saying. Furthermore, I’m so damn tired of having to explain to everyone that I’m not the receptionist. Had I known I would have been at that desk for that long I would have quit. I’m sorry but I have way too much respect for my craft. The whole point of being at Kimble Hair Studio is to learn techniques that I may not already know.

Then I wasn’t invited to Essence Magazine shoot….what the heck? When I found out I was the only person that wasn’t there I felt left out and disappointed. Had I been there I would have been able to relieve some stress for Kim, because photo shoots are my thing.

This was the episode were I was really thinking about leaving the salon cause at this point I was at the reception desk for 2 weeks (which felt like months).

Kim said I was childish and in a way I guess I was, but at this point I really could care less. When your happiness is being compromised you do anything in your power to change it, so I spoke up.
China needs to go away and that’s where I end it….