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Kim Kimble Dishes on Her Celeb Clients and New WE tv Show

Love Beyonce’s long, blonde waves? What about Shakira’s shorter style? Then you should get to know the woman behind these famous ‘dos — celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble!

Kimble, who has a new reality show, L.A. Hair, coming to WE tv, gave us the lowdown on her celebrity clients including Beyonce, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland and more (she even worked with Rihanna once!). Plus, get the inside scoop on the biggest hair trends right now, from ‘70s style to long hair to side parts to bold color.

What’s your new show about?

L.A. Hair is about my salon, Kimble Hair Studio in Los Angeles. My mom works there with me — it’s about our working and personal relationship. There are also five other stylists and we all have personalities, so there’s a little drama. You’ll get to see me work with my celebrity clients on location at different events — music videos, movies.

Let’s talk about your celeb clients. Were you involved in Beyonce’s decision to go blonder and blonder?

Yes. Also, she has a color campaign that she does with L’Oreal and we kind of went lighter for that. Every time she comes out with a new album, she changes her look, but we still keep her within her look. When you work with a celeb, it’s all about branding — the glam, sexy blonde color is her staple, so we tweak it to keep it fresh. I look at hair as another type of accessory.

Are black women feeling freer than ever to go blonde?

I think so. Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna … a lot of black women are wearing more and more color, even Gabrielle Union. You just have to understand color and undertones and you can get the right tone for you. I’m not going to say everyone can wear it — but color is a beautiful thing, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear color if it suits you. The wonderful thing about African American hair is there are so many textures — extensions, weaves, wigs — so many options to change without making a permanent change in terms of texture from curly to straight.

Of all of Beyonce’s famous hairstyles, which one is your favorite?

I love her hair straight. One of our best moments would have to be the Oscars the year she performed a song from Phantom of the Opera — we changed her hair like five times that day, and at the end it was just long and straight. I just recently did her hair straight when she went to see Jay-Z perform at Carnegie Hall after she had her baby.

Shakira recently chopped off her long hair. Do you like it better long or short?

Shakira recently did a video with her hair short — she wanted to do something different for the video. Sometimes change is good — I do love her with long, sexy hair, but I like to see that she’s switching her style a little bit. I worked with her on the “She Wolf” album, when she went a little straighter in texture. She has naturally curly hair — when she did “Hips Don’t Lie,” that was her natural curly texture.

What was your favorite Mary J. look?

One of the most iconic was when she had the braid around her head for her “The Breakthrough” album cover, but she’s worn her hair short a lot lately. Short hair is my favorite for Mary — she looks better to me with short hair than long. She has nice features and great bone structure in her face. Her hair was up for her last album package, which is another way to give her that same effect.

What about your other celeb clients?

Kelly Rowland — I worked with her yesterday! She’s wearing big, curly hair, curlier than she has in the past. It’s very free, almost like a ‘70s look. I definitely think more natural, softer hair in terms of color and texture is a trend right now. I worked with Rihanna on a music video once … Rihanna will make drastic changes in color, I love that she’ll do different things. I recently did a photo shoot with Brandy and she had short hair and it looked amazing — it was her first time wearing her hair “short short.”

So are celebs in general going longer or shorter?

Everybody’s back to long — Michelle Williams has short hair, Halle Berry’s short hair is amazing, but a lot of celebs are staying in length. Long sexy, hair is the “it” thing and it’s glamorous — ever since Rihanna has gone back to long, women have stopped cutting their hair. I’ve also been doing a lot of extreme side parts.

Speaking of Rihanna, which celebs are the biggest trendsetters when it comes to hair?

Rihanna and Beyonce — I get a lot of requests to look like them, and believe it or not, Kim Kardashian. And Kate Moss.

What do you think of the bold color trend going on in Hollywood right now?

People like Katy Perry with her turquoise and Rihanna with that red did start the bold color trend — actually, Lady Gaga probably did it first. I love the fact that Nicki Minaj has really different hairstyles. Shakira thought about going pink, but it didn’t happen. I had one client, Monica, who was going to go blue, but she did not. I haven’t been lucky enough to get crazy with color yet, but I’m working on it!