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China on Episode 2: Charity Case

Omarosa didn’t waste time any time dissing Charity. The “Oh, bitch you know my name” sound byte was freakin’ hilarious! I love real talk, and Omarosa was most def talking’ it.

I think “tender headed” is pretty self explanatory and Anthony knew what it meant. But Terry pulling his hair was priceless. Anthony, quit frontin’ – you know you like getting your hair pulled, LOL!

Dontay said it jokingly, but the image alone of Dontay trying to throw Charity off the balcony was pretty funny.

Kym Whitley got jokes in, especially the one about Angela doing all her clients’s hair to a slant like hers, and then Kim K. said she’ so 2000 and late. LMAO!

Charity? Girlllll, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!!