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Dontay on Episode 1: Sheer Ambition

‘You know, if Angela takes one more of my clients…’ this good ol’ talk was an example of how most stylists can not handle another stylist taking their clients. The No. 1 rule in this game is to be loyal to who is loyal to you. Now, it’s not my kind of ‘get down’ to steal a client from another stylist, but when it comes to making it rain on the salons floor, I’m ya man! As you can see, it was not hard for me to issue out my lunch money as a good gesture to my fellow stylist. (insert Dontay’s famous laugh here). Wait, we are in a high end salon… Ooops.

Colleen comes in wanting to re-vamp the styling of her natural hair. BORING!!! If I wanted to style 10 inches of hair, I would pull out that good Barbie doll I used to play with back in 1985. You getting a weave, boo! I find great pleasure and joy with redefining a woman’s confidence through appearance, but I feel like I am married to all of them!!! Getting the energy sucked out of me on a day-to-day basis has driven me to drink… just to stay sane. I mean, I like to share and they take it!! And at times, it’s frightening for a short-haired woman to go long in the matter of a couple of hours. But guess what? You met me, so drink this and get this 99-inch weave sewn in so you can find your life honey!!! It ain’t right until you pee on it. Pull ya weave to the side and squat!!!

Latoya, let’s go BLONDE… and your little eyebrows too!!! Now I know this woman was not about to sit in my chair and think she was going to go blond and allow me to let her leave with black eyebrows??? Uh-um!!! Those brows tried to wear me out!!! ‘Bout as black as the bottom of a crack pipe!!! But we finally got it right. My initial goal was to lift them with the bleach just enough to where they were OK… but Kim decided to purchase a new hair color line that I was not familiar with, and that good ol’ magic bleach took those eyebrows to the moon!!! Momma turned translucent!!! Ooooooh!!! So I had to deposit a nice brown color on them to get them to where I initially wanted them to be. Tadaaahhhh!!! Another happy client for Dontay.