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Dontay on Episode 2: Charity Case

Anthony, get out the mirror boy!! Omarosa is here and Charity can’t handle it!!! She may be one of the most notorious reality stars but… momma is as sweet as some good ol’ down south peach cobbler. She got my phone number!!! Eoouuuu!!! She’s tender headed because I made her tender headed!!! BAM!!! And Anthony, you know you like your hair pulled too. Knock it off!!! Don’t confuse sensitivity with anger honey!!!

I absolutely love how everyone in the salon has their attention to Kim and her clients. Do we not have business of our own?!? And Omarosa, you will not come in calling Charity a bitch, and then wanting to get an ‘Amen’!!! I’m confused?!

Cocktails with my girl Angela at Tender Greens – I don’t get that much time with her because I work a lot outside of the salon so I need to know what’s up in Angela’s life. Usually when I arrive to the salon from Access Hollywood, the day-of drama has already started and I always catch the tail-end of everything. Charity does not have the proper receptionist etiquette that someone hired her for, which is why I needed to threaten her life with a verbal explanation of her being thrown off the balcony onto the middle of La Cienega Blvd!!! The child did not even know the where-abouts of my 4.30 p.m. client and it’s 4.50 p.m. So now, I have to appease (offer a drink) to a client that’s not even mine just to make sure that everyone at the Kimble Hair Studio can have a fabulous experience.

I decided to surprise Angela and Anthony at their photo shoot to see how things were going between those two troublemakers! I still wish she would have notified Kim about using Anthony as an assistant for her shoot before she did it, but then again, I guess Anthony is grown. He did say it’s on a ‘need to know’ basis. I mean, should it all be Angela’s fault?? It may not even matter because I’m sure Kim is going to lynch everybody at this point!!!

OOOOOhhhhhhhh…. Someone is looking really scandalous and messy at that lil’ meeting in the front of the salon baby. I’m so glad I work at Access Hollywood in the morning. It allows me to miss a lot of the salon drama. And is Angela trying to get me to workout?!? Naaahhhh, boo. I likes to drank!!!

Angela and I are at club 7-11, and she decides to tell me that she will be working with Eve, who is another client of the salon that Kim has been styling when she is in town. Why do I feel like I am in the middle of some ‘ish again?!? Damn it Angela!!! Sometimes I just have to throw my hands in the air and shake my head! I give up!!!