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Dontay on Episode 5: Wigged Out

Kim has invited the staff out to dinner, and when she does this, usually she has something to tell us that we all may frown upon… Especially if there is alcohol in the building.

Kim starts off by telling us she was going to surprise us with a new salon location, music to my ears because the current space is extremely cramped with the added stylist on the team. We found out we have a new location, but construction is not complete!!! What!!! Well why did you even bother to tell us that……………………………………. Kim!!!

Oh, because you had to sugar coat the fact that you did not renew the lease to the old salon, now we have to be put out on the streets. Girl, we homeless?!?

A temporary salon? I have never heard of such a thing!!! And how temporary??? All this moving around the city is making me feel like a transient hunty!!! And I hope it ain’t far!!!

And do you have to put someone in charge??? Please don’t make me do it. My schedule is already insane… And I don’t like being told what to do.

China??? Kim is allowing the ‘new booty on the block’ to be in charge??? Its always something. Even Jas said it did’t make any sense!!! All right boo. What do we need to do to make this work?

And we have lift off!!! China starts requesting demands at the table.. While everyone is already under the influence. Get me out of here please!!! Vacation!!! Cheers to assault and battery baby!!!

Now Teri wants to meet for lunch and talk about this China situation. I figured Kim would have put Terri in charge of the salon. He has more of the business etiquette and experience. Not that China could’t handle it on her own, it’s just that there are more folks in the salon that know each other better than the new ‘booty on the block’!

After Access Hollywood, I arrive to the temporary salon for the first time… and I have to say is, aside from the location, I like it. I walk in and the power goes out. Then I hear Angela notify China about the power loss. I forgot Kim put that woman in charge. Its already strange energy in the salon on my first day there. ’bout to have me smoking on the algae growing on the outside of the building.