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Jas Spills On Anthony’s Attitude

Anthony needs to learn how to take things seriously. No one’s asking him to shut down his personality, but Kim has developed certain procedures to help ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately this is her business. Anthony is representing Kim Kimble when he does hair at her salon and so he should be willing to abide by her rules. He can add in a little more swagger after we’re convinced that he’s got everything down. I’m honestly not sure why he is so resistant to taking advice or constructive criticism from Kim and me. This is how you learn and he can’t be surprised that we didn’t just set him loose with a pair of scissors and a hot iron! The salon has standards to maintain. He did a beautiful job on True Blood’s Jessica Clark, but the fact is that black hair is different and Anthony needs to prove that he knows how to handle it – and talking behind my back about me, and especially about Kim, is not a great way to start. We know you’ve got talent, Anthony! Now show a little respect.