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Jasmine Opens Up About Seeing Her Girls Fight

It really was so much easier when they were little. I could just tell them to cut it out and what mama says goes. Now it’s a much more delicate operation. This time they both got heated but were able to give each other a little space to cool off and bring it back together to get the photo shoot done. I’m proud of them for getting things back on track. Ultimately, we’re all family and whatever we do is to try and help the salon. I know Leah was just trying to be constructive to help Kim improve her products, but she may have pushed too hard and Kim was a little too sensitive. It’s hard to hear criticism from your family. Leah’s support and/or criticism probably means ten times more to Kim than anyone else’s, so even though that makes the support all the more satisfying, it also makes the criticism that much harder to take. They managed to turn it around, however, and the photo shoot turned out great!