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Kim Discusses Professionalism

I know I keep harping on about professionalism but that is truly one of the most important things in this, and any, business. You can be talented but if you don’t have the right attitude you will never succeed. If you are the best hairstylist in the business but you are difficult to work with, clients will pick a slightly less-talented stylist who is easy to work with every time. Professionalism means being on time, having a can-do attitude and, it seems like this should go without saying, not being drunk on the floor of the salon. I don’t care if all your clients are done for the day. You never know when we might get a walk-in. If you’re on salon time, you need to be on your best behavior. Save the nonsense for after hours. Hairstylists are, by nature, a colorful group and I’m not trying to squash anyone’s personality. You can be professional and still be yourself. Plus, and I think Anthony and Dontay at least are starting to understand this, their behavior reflects back on me. The salon has my name on it and we are a team. I have a reputation for excellence and clients will expect the same from any stylist working under my brand.