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Kim Exposes Angela’s Downfall

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to admit that things are not working and move on. Angela and I push each other’s buttons. We have a history of conflict and it finally came to the point where I just realized that trying to force a working relationship was not doing either of us any good. I never wanted Angela to feel as though I was holding her back. Again, I would have never said that Angela couldn’t go to Thailand – that was a wonderful opportunity – all I needed was sufficient notice as her employer to make arrangements for her absence. I realized, however, that the real issue here was that she felt that I was not happy for her to have this opportunity. Having this fundamental misunderstanding of intentions between us showed me that our relationship was simply not healthy and was hurting both of us. This led me to the decision that we should part ways professionally. I do not mean this as a punishment for Angela. I see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and as a way to give her the freedom she needs to grow in this industry. Angela is a talented hairstylist and I know she has many great opportunities coming her way to build her career.