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Kim Kimble on Episode 3: First Cut is the Deepest

As you can see the drama continues, however, this time around it’s on another level!

What nerve of Angela to walk into my salon, openly bragging about styling one of my celebrity clients, rap artist Eve! Please hear me out, I completely understand that Eve can ask anyone of her choosing to style her hair. My issue isn’t with Eve; my issue is with Angela! It’s not what you do; it’s how you do it.

Upon employment in my salon, all stylists are required to sign a contractual agreement which lays out the terms of their employment. Salon protocol is that all clients are to be booked through the salon. Everyone that works for me is aware of the salon policies, including Angela.

As a business professional it’s imperative that I protect my employees, my business and my clients. Angela is looking out for Angela! On the other hand, my concerns are much bigger than just Angela. I have to look out for the entire salon; there’s a bigger picture.

Angela was suspended because she broke the salon rules. There are repercussions for our actions; we need to be mature enough to handle what’s coming to us. Angela’s agenda is very clear; she isn’t a team player and certainly isn’t playing on my team. Anyone who feels the need to blatantly go behind my back and steal my clients is poisonous for the business.

I’m not stressed about Angela’s underhanded intensions. Although this situation looks bad on the surface, the nature of the business is clients and workers come and go. However, I’m blessed to report that my business hasn’t suffered one bit in Angela’s absences. God has blessed me with an abundance of clients, and we are growing at the Kimble Hair Studio every day. God has my back and I know that He has a plan in all of this chaos. As it states in Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.”

On a happier note, Mary J. Blige is one of my amazing clients! I have had the privilege of working with her for the past eight years. Her “Kim’s special roll” held up beautifully that night, and she was fabulous on stage, honey!

Shari Headley, who I met on the set of the movie “Johnson’s Family Vacation,” is such a beautiful person with gorgeous hair. I couldn’t believe that she actually wanted to cut off that beautiful mane; however she wanted to reinvent herself. I loved the finished product; her hair was fun and full of body. Her happy dance was priceless; I live for great reactions like that!

I’ve known China for many years now, and I brought her in to help pick up the salon slack. Plus, I still need some time to pray about how I’m going to deal with Angela. I understand China’s frustration with Terry and me standing over her while she was working with a client, however I have to ensure that my salon produces exceptional work. However, when she popped Terry with that comb, I was thinking, “Oh my goodness!” Terry and China were off to a good start, I’m just not sure where they will go from here.