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Kim Kimble on Episode 6: China Wages War

Unfortunately due to hold ups and poor planning, my new salon wasn’t ready. I made arrangements to move forward in leaving my old salon based off of what I was told by my contractor. Regretfully, we all had to move to a temporary location, as my lease was up in my former location. However, I’m grateful to have another location while we wait on the finishing touches of my dream hair studio. I’m truly grateful for the staff’s flexibility during this transition. I’m certain they will be pleased with the new design set up.

I received so much feedback about leaving China in charge of my temporary salon while I was away on business. Many were extremely disappointed in me. However I truly felt like I was making the right decision. I thought that because China is a strong woman, who doesn’t take any “mess” from anyone, she would be a good fit. I knew she wouldn’t crack under the pressure that accompanies being in charge, as running a salon is a huge responsibility. Previously, China expressed the desire to own a studio of her own one day. I enjoy helping people reach their goals, so I wanted to give her the opportunity to see what it feels like. I didn’t think leaving her in charge would cause such an issue; boy was I wrong. I didn’t expect China to misuse her authority in the manner that she did. With that said, the staff also has to understand that I left China in charge. They still have a responsibility to respect her, just as if it were me. I’m not saying I condone China’s behavior by any means. However, the staff still has an obligation to follow the directions of whomever I place in charge. Let’s all watch together to see how the rest of this plays out.

I was so excited about working with Brandy and Monica on the set of their video “It All Belongs to Me”. These two are a force to be reckoned with! Brandy had shining deep waves, what I like to call “Super Hero” waves, while Monica rocked an elegant flowing look accessorized by some custom hair jewelry. If my clients are pleased with their look, then that equals successful execution in my book. Both Monica and Brandy were extremely happy with their final looks which made me proud. These two are such talented and sweet ladies. I love working with them.