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Kim Kimble’s Five Timeless Hair Trends

L.A. Hair’s celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble knows hair trends are always changing, however, there are 5 looks that will never go out of style – and will remain effortlessly classic.

1. The Bob – The Vidal Sassoone bob is an A-Symmetric, bone straight hair cut into a bob. Very Asian inspired and always Chic! All you need to do is cut your hair shorter at the nape of your neck and make it longer near your face. This style has worked for everyone from Victoria Beckham to Katy Perry. With so many versions of the bob, from layered to straight, this cut will never go out of style.

2. The Chignon – The Chignon never fails on the red carpet; hair in a bun is always timeless and almost anyone can wear it. Wrap your hair around your up-do and tie it into itself, so simple, even little girls do it naturally. Everyone from Chanel Iman to Taylor Swift and La La Vazquez have rocked this simple fashion DO! It doesn’t matter who you are, you will always look good in the Chignon.

3. A Ponytail – When all else fails, Ponytail. They always look chic and effortless. Ponytails are a girl’s best friend. Pull it back and feel fierce!

4. Bangs – Bangs will never go out of style. There’s always going to be bangs. Cropped above the eyes to frame your face, low bangs will draw the eye of every passerby. From the long straight cut, to the cute wavy cut, bangs compliment any hairstyle. Just look at the fabulous Tyra Banks and the very hot Zooey Deschanel who are both currently keeping bangs at the forefront of hot hair trends.

5. Victoria’s Secret Sexy Body Waves – Sexy is always timeless. Everybody wants to be sexy. This style requires a little more work than the ponytail or bangs. You’ll need a flat iron and a rat-tail comb to straighten and curve the waves as they fall down onto your shoulders. It all starts with the high heat of the flat iron: Once you press the hair down, give the wrist a little turn at the end then use the pick of your comb to wrap the hair around the iron. With a little practice you too can have this sexiest of all simple hair trends adored by everyone from Alicia Keys to Kate Middleton. Remember, sexy NEVER goes out of style!