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Kim Talks About Angela’s Disappearance

My philosophy is that looking cute should not come at the expense of the health of your hair. That’s why I want to develop products, like the hair bonnets, that will let you have both. Women come to the salon and get great looks for their hair but then they don’t protect the hair or have the ability to maintain the style at home. The bonnets were designed to help with this and I think they look cute! I know not everyone agreed with me at first (Leah) but I think I won them over with that photo shoot.

As for the Angela situation, I honestly don’t know why she didn’t just tell me she needed the time off. I want Angela to succeed and grow in her career and if she had come to me beforehand and said she had this great opportunity in Thailand and she needed so many days off, it would have been inconvenient, but we would have pulled together as a team, re-worked the schedule and taken care of her clients, no problem. But how am I supposed to interpret her disappearing without a word? Where was her concern for the other stylists and for the clients? It turned what should have been a relatively simple matter into a very unnecessary headache.