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L.A. Hair: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Favorite Salon Crew

Who knew that Angela used to be in a girl band and Anthony rescued 2 pit-bulls? Now you do, and you can get more fun facts to learn more about the cast of L.A. Hair.

· Loves Pinkberry
· Likes to listen to soft rock
· Loves roller skating
· Loves Ranch dressing on her tacos
· Favorite thing is Karaoke

· Born and raised in Chicago
· Moved to L.A. in April of 2010
· Prom Queen of graduating class of 2004
· Captain of high school cheer-leading team
· Went to Depaul University in Chicago (studied Communications)
· Both parents were actors and performed on Broadway
· Has one older brother named Tony
· Favorite color is green
· Shoulder pads will never be out of style to her (80’s baby for life)
· Summer jobs when she was 16 included: Hostess at Bubba Gump Shrimp on Navy Pier, cheer-leading camp counselor & hair braider on home porch
· Can do backflips
· Went to Italy with Cosmetology school for one week while studying different styles of hair cutting
· First car was a ‘93 Chevy Cavalier
· First salon that she was a stylist was called “Hair Issues 2”
· Defining moment in career was standing on stage for the first time as a platform artist teaching hair-cutting and styling; (“Was sooooo nervous but rocked the show!”)
· Lives in North Hollywood
· Used to be in a girl group called “Drama Queen”
· Sings Christmas carols because Christmas is her favorite holiday
· High-waisted pants are her favorite
· Used to buy every pair of Jordan sneakers that came out (“It was a very expensive habit.”)
· She cries during sentimental parts in movies
· Favorite artists: Wale, Lupe Fiasco, Lauren Hill, Common, R Kelly, Kanye West, Beyonce

· Has a tuxedo cat named Missy that is 12 years old
· Can tap dance, but is a little rusty
· Was a Girl Scout

· Is addicted to spray tanning
· Is a very fast driver
· Has a 4-year old Yorkie named Dior
· HATES paperwork
· Is often mistaken for the rapper Common
· People have trouble spelling his first name
· Some think he is unapproachable
· Favorite drink: Long Island Iced Tea without soda or sweet ‘n’ sour mix
· Zodiac sign is Cancer and he is 100% true to it
· Not a morning person

· Has a fascination with bow ties and has accumulated over 40 in different colors and patterns
· Has a vintage tie collection as well that are made up of only designer ties, however no tie has cost him more than $2
· Is a health nut, loves running and taking multivitamins religiously
· About 2 years ago rescued 2 pit bulls and their names are Kenny Powers and Peanut Butter
· Speaks fluent Spanish
· Has 3 tattoos that are hidden under clothing
· Can sing really well
· Zodiac sign is Scorpio
· Favorite color is Tiffany Blue
· Favorite sports are: soccer, volleyball & tennis