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WE Tells All: L.A. Hair, Production Notes

WE had a craving for L.A. Hair, and WE figured you did too!  Below are some fun facts about season 1 of L.A. Hair straight from the production company!

  • In almost every scene in a bar or restaurant the crew is in the background as extras
  • In the scenes that show a transformation from when clients came into and dramatically changed, although it is quick in the show, it can take up to 3 hours or more to actually do them
  • Because the mirrors in Kim’s salon faced each other there was very few places for crew to hide during shooting and at the most there could only be 2 cameras inside and the audio people had to be outside the salon
  • In finding a second salon for Kim, we considered at least 5 different locations throughout Los Angeles before finally settling on the location in Silver Lake.
  • The stencil designs on the walls in the new salon were done by the art department especially for the couple weeks we were in there.
  • There were at least 3-4 scenes in every show that were cut out but can be seen on the website as deleted scenes
  • In many of the outdoor and sit down meal scenes you will see few people in the background because this is easier to control sound from the cast members talking
  • It took 5 days to shoot a full episode, sometimes 6 with interviews
  • Shooting took place in West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Moorpark and Hollywood
  • All the furniture in the second salon was sold off online after shooting was completed as the owners were moving their salon and wanted a new look
  • When taping the interviews for the final show, Kim was watching the scenes and footage for the first time so all her reactions and thoughts were fresh.
  • After the show began airing many of the calls Kim’s salon was getting was from people who wanted to come to LA to have their hair done at the salon. Some calls even were from fans who wanted to talk about the show with the receptionist (who wasn’t actually on the show)
  • All the celebs that appeared were friends or clients of Kim.