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Leah Talks Naja Feud, Anthony Redemption

I’m very proud of the way that Kim handled the Anthony situation. He crossed a line and she showed him that there are consequences. At the same time, I know that Kim sees potential in Anthony and it would have been a real shame to fire him. Luckily, Anthony was able to learn from this experience and it looks like he was a real help to Kim at the photo shoot. Kim and Jas have so much knowledge to impart that if Anthony can learn to shut his mouth for two seconds, he could learn a lot. Looks like he was able to do that on the photo shoot – for the most part – and hopefully we will see a more professional attitude from him going forward.

As for Naja… that girl works my last nerve. I try, I really do try with her, but she just loves to antagonize me. Look, I want to get her what she needs to work, but I need accurate information so I can check on pricing etc. I can’t just snap my fingers and make things appear. So, I try to remain calm and deal with the situation, but when you start threatening the salon, you better watch out.