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Leah: “I Respect Kim And Her Vision”

Oh here we go again. Me and Kim, going at it. I admire Kim’s philosophy about hair care and promoting healthy hair so I can get on board with what she’s trying to do with those hair bonnets and shower caps, but I didn’t think they were cute. And sure, fine, I’m just one opinion, but nobody else liked them either. I wanted the criticism to be constructive because I respect Kim and her vision, but I know it’s hard to take that kind of critique from family so you know one things leads to another and then we’re both at each other’s throats. Even though we got into that fight, Kim knows that I have her back and it would have been hypocritical of me to just tell her what she wanted to hear about the caps. I respect her too much and want her to succeed too much to do that. I thought we managed to turn it around though. And the girls looked cute in the photo shoot so FINE, I’ll admit it, the caps aren’t so bad. I might even wear one myself.