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Leah Talks Hope For Relationship With Naja

What? Just…what? How can you think it’s okay to come back to work drunk, or even with just a little buzz? Honestly, these stylists are like children that I have to babysit every single second. And I shouldn’t have to! They are adults! They should have enough common sense to say, “hey, being drunk at work is a no-no.” If they can’t figure that out, I can’t help them.

On the positive side, I am genuinely happy that I was able to get Naja’s equipment installed in the salon. I know we have had a rocky road thus far but I really have been working on getting everything together for her station. I’ve said it before, but I really can’t just snap my fingers and make things appear. Lord knows I wish I could – it would make life a lot easier – but these things take time. Now that Naja has her station I’m hoping we can have a much more cordial relationship going forward.