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Naja Speaks Out About Her Throwdown

Anthony……You ARE still here???  Didn’t you say to me before that no one wanted me at the salon?  Well, you just about wrote your death sentence sassing at Ms. Jas.  I love Jas – she is all business. She’s the type that will deal with a situation professionally on paper AND THEN meet you in the parking lot on the way out to REALLY handle the situation. So be careful Anthony, be REAL careful otherwise we may be getting you a tombstone engraved, “No tea & forever shade” on it.

Speaking about FOREVERRRRRR- what in the hell is Leah waiting for in completing my station?? She took a vacation amid this mess?? I’m shaking my head. I’ll give the woman this, she is (book) smart and uses a lot of big  words that I never heard of but I have one word for you Leah…..OK, two ­‑ DOLLARS & CENTS.

You are messing with my dollars and you make NO SENSE on how you‘re running this salon.  I’ll speak slowly… IT IS A BUSINESS. I HAVE COME HERE TO WORK,  WERK & WERK.  I did not come to work YOUR nerves. I’ve come to werk my clients nails out and to make money. Unfortunately, we got off to a real bad start. I’ve compromised with a temporary station long enough but it’s about to get worse IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MY STATION TOMORROW.

Last chance – Leslie!!!