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Naja Talks About Getting The Job Done

Gaybonics- GUUURRRLLLL…… CHILE,…….. YES GAWD, YES JESUS,…… HUNTY,  FIERCE,……..WERK…….SHADE………REEEEAAAD…. Look, I’m  always down for  a good ol kiki (butch queens raised me, it’s in my blood)  but let’s just get this fashion show done Anthony!!!!!! It’s like everything he touches turns to, well……nothing.  When it comes to business and creating I can put ALL personal preferences aside having only one goal in mind – to get the job done and get more jobs from that job well done.

There have been plenty of times on set I’ve done things NOT QUITE in my job description to make the client happy.  I needed help and because Anthony does make-up too I knew he was my best choice at painting. This is business not party time so I don’t care what my personal opinion of him is….business is not about feelings and feelings aren’t facts. The fact is these models’ TOES NEED TO BE DONE in like 10 minutes.  So Anthony step done from the stage, tonight is not your drag show performance boo, and get polishing!!!

PS. Remind me to never go to a party with these LAME DUCKS. Really???!? throwing shade & arguing at a party. CHILL!!! Y’all give me a migraine.