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Terry: “It’s A Shady Day In The Salon”

ANTHONY oh God lets see if he can handle this full weave. Ok strike number one, you didn’t tell me that you alone booked this client and no one knows about it. You must be trying to get fired… But, to make sure that the salon doesn’t look bad, I’m going to help you as much as can.
Ok why are we having a meeting excusing all the clients off the floor and your beef is with ONE STYLIST, I think that should have been a private matter. ANTHONY you flip the script man, you should have manned up and told your boss what you told me. Stick to your story man.
NAJA AND LEAH what can I say, I’m still keeping hope alive. CHINA and ANGELA looks like you guys are RUBBING OFF ON EACH OTHER LOL. Its always and interesting day at the KIMBLE HAIR STUDIO, I need a PILL lol.
NAJA NOOOOOOOO LOL you have a legitimate argument, but you going around it the WRONGGGG WAY. You can get more when you are professional and nice. GOOD LUCK LEAH.