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Terry on Episode 2: Charity Case

What can I say? Omarosa: OMG, funny as hell! Poor CHARITY she had no clue what was coming for her that morning.

Anthony, I’m sure by now you know what tender headed means; sorry about that bud! It was unprofessional of me to pull your hair, but you learned quickly I see. LOL Next time you should ask the client, “Do you mind if I cut your rubber band?” It would help alleviate the problem.

So Angela, Omarosa is a diva – how can you relate? Now that’s funny. Also, Omarosa’s hair looked great. Good job, Kim!

Jazz, I love your openness. God has bought you a long way.  Keep going higher.  I love that you guys are working on your relationship, because it is never too late.  Keep up the good work.

Angela and Dontay, two peas in one pod.  Careful,  it might get crowded in there. Dontay, I agree… Charity looks like she is not all there.

Now Angela, you know how Kim is; why would you of all people, who used to be her assistant, add more fuel to the flame? You are going about this the wrong way young lady. Now Anthony,  that’s one gig you should have passed up.

Wow, Kym Whitley, what that hell is going on under that scarf?! LOL Kym said Angela was crooked eyed for doing that slant bang! I thought she did a good job on her hair, just that the bangs should have been cut a little different. Kym, your hair looked great.

The photo shoot… WOW! If you are the stylist in charge of the shoot, it is you that makes the final decision, NOT the assistant. Anthony, you are in the middle, so man I would not want to be in your shoes right now. I know things can happen, but clips coming out of the hair when the camera begins to roll is not good. That means they were not put in correctly in the first place. I think you need to learn a few more things before doing another shoot (just my opinion) so you won’t look bad. Even Anthony himself said this would have never happened with Kim, and you have a lot to learn and have a long way to go.

Charity, Charity, Charity, Charity… what are we going to do with you? LOL You are messing with the money. Sorry, Charity, but you had to go. I could not help you with this one, baby girl. But come on, you have to agree you are not a receptionist!

WOW! Anthony, your girl Angela threw you under the bus by telling Kim, although you both agreed not to say anything about the shoot. And Angela, you know Eve is Kim’s client, so listen to Dontay for a change. BUT I know you will not, so let’s move on.