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Terry on Episode 4: Divas Divided

Wow, Angela, you looked like a deer in the headlights when Kim asked you “Why didn’t you bring up the fact that you where doing Eve?”. Cat got your tongue? I told you, you don’t have to like the rules but you must follow them, especially when you work for someone else. Kim you are handling this better than I would.

Jazz wants me to set up Kim Kimble on a blind date. HOWWWWWWW?! She is so busy, hell, I can barely talk with her in the salon, LOLl.

China give Anthony some slack on the front desk. He is a hairstylist and he was just appointed to the duty of receptionist.

Sheri Headley hair emergency LOL. Kim your eyes looked like they were about to pop out of your head! But you handled it like a pro. Thats why you are who you are. Great job. The transformation was FAB.

China who the hell are you bossing Anthony around?! I see you forgot whose name is on the marquee out there, “Kimble Hair Salon”, not “CHINAtown: We Buy, We Fry” LOL.

Anthony, I know you are new at the front desk, but please stop putting on make-up at the front desk. Its not a good look bud.

Jazz meeting with the guys was funny as hell,, Tony didn’t tell me he had a DUI, but Jazz didn’t tell me she was going to ask those kind of questions LOL. Sorry about that T.

Here comes Frank, Mr. Chicken LOL. Cool guy that Frank. He’s running his own business like Kim, so I thought they would be a great match. But here comes Jazz with the questions LOL.

Kim help me with Jazz pleassssseee LOL. But hey what can you say, that’s a mother’s love to protect her baby.

It looks like Kim likes my project. I think they make a good couple. Kim, that was a long hug you gave Frank :).

China stop worrying about Kim’s receptionist and worry about your client. Wow China, you didn’t know Anthony’s name, LOL.

All that screaming in the salon, I had to get my hair spray to hold your mouths’ shut.

Anthony never call a women a bitch, thats a bad nerve to strike, as you can see.

China give Anthony some slack he was apologizing to you, so stop holding onto that drama.

LA HAIR such a dysfunctional family, What are we going to do? LOL.