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Terry on Episode 5: Wigged Out

WOW Kim, that is a big space for the salon, can’t wait.

When Kim announced that she was doing Ms. Piggy for the Oscars, I was like what are you going to do to the pig.

Ok Anthony you are giving me the Queen of the Night with this outfit on, LOL.

I agree with China about clients sitting there looking at me while I’m styling another; that can be a bit much.

Angela, Angela, Angela, haven’t you learned yet, the way you did China with the client was wrongggggggggggggggg baby. You clearly knew who the client was (a celebrity) and you pretended to help China but deliberately took the client again. Seems like this has happened before with umm… Eve!! This is bad business and bad karma. But you’ll learn soon.

Trying to help China is like trying to help North Korea. I was again trying to help to get the client out of the salon because she had a event to go to. But letingt her do it her way ….8 hours later…. But I will say China did a great job on the color.

Laila Ali is so beautiful, I told her she reminds me of Jayne Kennedy. Kim, great job on her hair.

Anthony, still putting on that make- up, LOL.

Now why is China’s client calling me ? I will say this: if anyone’s client asks me for my opinion, which China told me “I only need it if I ask for it”, I will give it. I don’t see the harm in that. Same goes for my clients if they ask another stylist their opinion. Besides, I think her hair looked better up anyway…. just my opinion.

But China is mad as hell, her ego is bruised. Its about the client, China remember that. Every client is not going to be happy, we just hope that they will. Good job on the hair, China.

The scene with Ms. Piggy was hilarious. Kim, that was funny. I didn’t know that she was such a Diva. But the swoop bang had me on the floor, LOL. Great job!

Dontay, you in that wig saying that you where Jesus was hilarious, LOL.

The Kevin Hall shoot and working with the Mikki Taylor was a great opportunity.

Photo shoots are high energy and you must work together as a team. But some people still get so sensitive because of their freakin’ egos. If we can move “self” out of the way, things can get done faster.

Ok China, yes Kim did not like the wig we, or I, did. But learn from the teacher and don’t get mad. Move on and give her what she wants. We have work to do. This is not the time to be pouting like a baby or worrying about egos.

But my kids Angela, China, and Dontay, what am I going to do. If you are doing something wrong, I’m going to tell you, so get over it. But for one, my problem child, China, anything I say to her is going to be wrong, LOL. But oh well.

But over all, the shoot was a success. Great job guys.

Anthony don’t get offended that you where not at the shoot. She was just trying to keep the peace. But that coat pleassssssssssssse burn it dude.

What is going to happen on the next on LA HAIR, smh.