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Terry on Episode 8: The Big Blow Out

When I tell you this was a BIG BLOW OUT… WOW! So China decides to keep hanging on as manager, looks like someone still has some courage left.

Kim and her surprise clients- we had a great time with these guys, I mean girls, I mean, well you know what I mean. Kim put me and China together, LOL. For what? So doing this wig, China, being China and not listening, burns the wig. LISTEN FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE WOMAN!!! So I’m thinking she’s upset because she burned the wig. This crazy girl is back in the color room laughing, LOL. Overall, the girls look great.

China still wanted Anthony to wear black. So this fool goes and gets real crazy in front of the clients. Boy, please keep on your clothes and NO MORE STRIPPING! THIS IS WORSE THAN YELLING IN THE SALON.

Brely Evans was great. She is so warm and has a great sense of humor, and she looked great.

So China wanted to test me on being a manager. How do you handle a stylist, with a client waiting for them, being late without calling in? You hit them right in the pocket by giving that client to someone else and put the stylist on cleaning duty. No client, no $$$$$. China still didn’t get it. WOW.

Well, it’s about to get HOT in here. China pulls Angela to the side to ask why she is late. Angela then says she had some personal things she had to attend to this morning. To that, China asks, “That was more important than the clients?” and Angela responds, “Yes.” So when she goes back and tells Kim, China tells Kim the first part of what Angela said and puts on the end “that was more important than the clients.” Although Angela did not say the last part, she did agree to it.

Then here comes the sign, which I thought was tacky. But China did give Angela a choice to go home or hold the sign outside and Angela chose the sign. Now I would have gone home. I’m not holding no sign up outside looking crazy.

It spirals out of control when Angela decides to change the words on the sign: “Honk if you have haters.” Oh boy, I know this was not going to be good.

Kim loses it. Then Angela curses at Kim and China, which was so inappropriate. Where was I when all this was going on? No where near it because it is SO unnecessary to be that ghetto in a salon. When it gets to that point, everyone needs to go.

This could have all been avoided if Angela would have just did two things: first, call and tell someone you are running late; second, just go home and forget about holding up the damn sign.

So Kim tells Angela she has to go. What happens next nobody knows. Thanks everyone for your support of the 1st season of L.A. Hair. Peace and love.