Sneak Peek

Charity Case

Season 1, Episode 2
Aired 6.7.12

After diffusing an insulting situation with reality diva Omarosa, Kim gives a candid interview about her painful childhood. Angela steals one of Kim’s clients. Everyone has had enough of Charity. Show Full Recap

Notorious reality star Omarosa drops by the studio for a quick style and interview with Kim. After receptionist Charity insults Omarosa by not knowing who she is, the reality diva proceeds to chastise her in front of the entire salon. When finally led back to her chair for her new style, Omarosa is put-off by Anthony’s forceful hands. Convinced that Anthony doesn’t know how to do a black woman’s hair, Omarosa insists another stylist is needed for her tender head. At the interview with Omarosa, Jasmine admits to years of drug addiction and gang affiliation, assuming Kim had left her resentments in the past. Kim opens up about the anger she continues to feel, admitting that although it has made her the resilient, successful woman she is today, the pain of her childhood still lingers and she doesn’t feel as though her mother has made a big enough effort to heal their fractured relationship. Angela asks Dontay his opinion on a matter of business. She intends on using Kim’s assistant Anthony as her assistant without Kim’s permission. She openly admits her agenda has always been to use Kim’s resources and clientele as a steppingstone for her own career. Dontay cautions her to reconsider, but Angela has already made up her mind. Kym Whitley drops by the studio hoping Kim can save her from the hot mess that’s growing out of her head. Kim’s going to need all her skill and a little luck to win back one of the few clients that got away. Ms. Whitley has her doubts as to whether Kim Kimble still has her mojo. The lobby is filled with overbooked clients as Charity fumbles her way through the appointment log. Kim knows her reputation is on the line. Her charitable days are nearing an end; she has no choice but to reconsider Charity’s employment.  Angela once again confides in Dontay about stealing one of Kim’s most elite clients. Dontay doesn’t want anything to do with this one. He knows if Kim finds out, it’s going to get ugly, fast.

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