Sneak Peek

China Wages War

Season 1, Episode 6
Aired 7.5.12

Construction of the new salon stalls and Kim is forced to find a temporary location. The war with China takes a nasty turn. Kim styles R&B icons Brandy and Monica for a music video. Show Full Recap

The crowded house of catty stylists at the Kimble Hair Studio continue to claw at one another, unaware that Kim has a major shakeup in store for them. With tensions high and tempers running hot, Kim leaves the salon to oversee construction of her new flagship hair studio. Will Kim be able to find a temporary location for her salon? And is leaving China the manager the best decision Kim should make? Kim also has an on-location for a music video with female R&B icons Brandy and Monica. But will the stress of leaving China as manager disable her from giving these divas the edgy looks they need? And will China ever stop abusing her power and fighting with the staff? Tune in on Thursday, July 5th at 9|8c to find out!

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