Sneak Peek

Divas Divided

Season 1, Episode 4
Aired 6.21.12

Kim gives Angela one more chance at the salon. Jazz and Terry trick Kim into a blind date. China makes her presence known by refusing to give Angela her station and pushing Anthony to his limit. Show Full Recap

The world of high-end hair has never been more combustible as when Kim decides to meet Angela for lunch, and gives her one last chance to explain herself. Although still reeling from Angela’s most recent betrayal, Kim knows she’s a very talented stylist, and that it’s good business to keep your enemies close - especially those who will stab you in the back while you look them in the eye. Kim chooses to be the bigger person and invite Angela back to the salon under one condition: no more drama. Jasmine approaches Terry hoping he can help spark some romance in Kim’s life by setting her up on a blind date. There’s just one small catch: Jasmine insists on interviewing the men Terry picks before Kim gets a chance to meet them. Things get awkward when Jasmine starts grilling the men about their sexual history, careers, and criminal backgrounds. Terry can’t believe what he’s hearing. If Jazz hopes to land Kim a good man, she needs to put the claws away. Angela returns to the salon to find China working at her station. When China refuses to give up the chair, Angela gets in her face. Just as things are about to get physical, Angela decides to take the high road… for now. Kim is under the gun when Shari Headley returns to the salon with a major crisis. Shari needs the long, beautiful hair Kim just cut off sewn back onto her head to re-shoot scenes from a movie she’d recently finished. With the film producers breathing down Shari’s neck, Kim realizes her hair is too short to weave or clip. The only solution is to get a wig made as quickly as possible. If Kim can’t help Shari out immediately, Shari’s recent film and reputation will be in serious jeopardy.

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