Sneak Peek

First Cut is the Deepest

Season 1, Episode 3
Aired 6.14.12

Angela stabs Kim in the back by stealing an A-list client. Kim is pressed for time with Mary J. Blige. Terry gives Angela career advice, and the salon gets a fiery new stylist. Show Full Recap

The high style of the Kimble hair studio can only be rivaled by the high drama between Kim and Angela, when Angela returns to the salon bragging openly about styling one of Kim’s most important celebrity clients, Grammy award winning recording artist, Eve. The disrespect has gone far enough for Kim. Angela is clearly in breach of contract and must be punished. When Angela makes it clear that she takes what she wants when she wants, Kim suspends her and tells her to lawyer-up. Kim has no time to worry about the drama in her salon because the queen of R&B, Mary J. Blige, needs Kim’s magical touch for a concert. The energy and intensity of Mary’s dressing room is fierce. Kim works around her busy entourage, helping the songstress find the right style for her grueling stage performance. Kim and Jasmine visit their hair supplier for a large order of hot new styles. Kim confides in Jasmine about her problems with Angela. Jasmine suggests that maybe Angela’s lack of respect and insubordination have finally surpassed her talent. Terry invites Angela out to lunch. He hopes he can help guide her down the right path and back into the salon. Angela realizes she may have to finally accept some responsibility if she wants to get her job back. Actress Shari Headley is looking to reinvent herself and her image. She asks Kim to do the unthinkable and cut her long, beautiful hair in an attempt to reinvigorate her acting career. Will Shari accept her bold, new look? Or will losing the beautiful head of hair she’s worked so hard to grow be too much for her to handle? After the fallout with Angela, Kim invites her friend and former colleague, China, into the salon to pick up the slack until she figures out what to do. Halfway through her first client, China and veteran stylist Terry butt-heads over a difference of styling technique. China offends Terry when she slaps him with a comb. Kim attempts to squash this fresh drama before it turns into another explosive situation.

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