Sneak Peek

LA Hair Confidential

Season 1, Episode 9
Aired 7.26.12

In this one hour special, Kim explains the complexities of hair styles we saw this season while guiding us through the season’s highlights, including celebrity clients and never before seen moments. Show Full Recap

Kim Kimble has made a name for herself one snip of the scissors and one stitch of an extension at a time. It is this attention to detail that makes her Hollywood’s most in-demand celebrity hair stylist. Whether it is dying, cutting, combing or drying, Kim puts an astonishing amount of thought into every step of the styling process. With high-end clients like hers, every move is critical. In this one hour special, Kim takes us inside her head and inside her world to explain the complexities, potential pitfalls and nuances of some of the most fabulous hair styles we saw in season one, as well as never before seen candid moments with Kim and the crew. Kim narrates as we take a look back at season one highlights, celebrity clients, and plenty of fascinating hair processes. Kim shares tips and tricks of the trade, as well as anecdotes and back-story about her relationship with high profile clients. It all leads up to the final act which will contain exciting, never before seen footage of clients, mistakes, interviews and moments of tension and humor between the stylists. The highlight of the episode? Kim’s claws come out as she watches and critiques Angela’s technique as she styles Eve – the longtime celebrity client that was stolen from her in episode two.

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