Sneak Peek

Sheer Ambition

Season 1, Episode 1
Aired 5.31.12

Kim questions Angela’s integrity and lack of professionalism. Kelly Rowland needs Kim’s help finding a hot style for a high-fashion editorial shoot. Angela and Terry go on a house call from hell. Show Full Recap

This explosive style series kicks off with trouble already brewing as celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble manages her high-profile salon and A-list clientele amidst growing dissension from one of her employees, Angela. Angela’s lack of respect hits a new low when Kim finds her asleep at a shampoo bowl during business hours. Anthony, Kim’s assistant, attempts to make light of the situation, nearly costing him his opportunity to assist Kim on an editorial shoot with multiplatinum recording artist and actress, Kelly Rowland. Kim has her reservations about Anthony, however she still feels like he’s earned the right to be her assistant. The odds are stacked against him in this first test, as Kim’s feisty mother Jasmine, otherwise known as Jazz, tags along to the photo shoot, criticizing his every move and refusing to help him in any way. Kim returns to the salon to face one of the biggest challenges of her career – a young woman with severely damaged hair, pleading for a style makeover. Kim worries that her dry, over-processed hair may not be strong enough to handle bleaching and coloring, not to mention the long extensions so desperately needed to help rebuild this young woman’s confidence. Kim is determined to find a solution, knowing how important beautiful hair is to self-esteem. Tensions reach a critical level when Angela arrives two hours late for an appointment. Terry pulls Kim aside to show her a picture of Angela once again sleeping on the job during business hours. Kim realizes it’s time to get control of her salon before her employees sabotage the business she’s worked so hard to build. In an effort to help her staff understand her professional expectations, Kim invites her stylists out for drinks and hours d’oeuvres. What starts out as a harmless night of fun quickly turns into a heated work debate where no one is safe from being thrown under the bus. Kim makes her expectations very clear: either respect her salon and her rules, or look for another job.

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