Sneak Peek

The Big Blow Out

Season 1, Episode 8
Aired 7.19.12

China isn’t sure she has what it takes to be Kim’s manager. Diva Drag Queens arrive for hair transformations. Brely Evans drops by for a new look.  Angela continues to defy Kim and hurt the business. Show Full Recap

  At the famous Kim Kimble salon, hair isn’t the only thing that occasionally gets burned. Still fuming from her most recent altercation with the staff, China breaks down in front of Kim, sobbing openly while pleading to be replaced as manager. Kim is shocked by China’s emotional vulnerability; she attempts to mentor her, showing her how to be strong, to be a fighter – to take control of her life. If her dream is to own and run her own boutique salon, she needs to learn how to master her emotions and manage staff. Kim informs the crew that they have some extreme divas coming into the salon, who are in desperate need of their expertise. As always, Kim loves her little secrets and of course the team is weary. As the doors open, shrieks of delight fill the studio as three very fierce Drag Queens sashay into the salon, carrying what they refer to as a “drag bag” full of wigs. The Queens have a big show, and they knew the only place in L.A. to go for hairstyles as dramatic as their performance was the Kim Kimble salon. What they weren’t expecting was for China to burn one of their most crucial wigs. China has decided to give managing one last shot and now faces her toughest challenge. Angela arrives hours late, leaving two clients waiting in the lobby. When China confronts her, Angela admits she had more important things to do than service Kimble Hair Studio clients. Kim tells China to handle it like a manager, which prompts China to give Angela an ultimatum: clean the salon and hold up a sign outside expressing your insubordination, or accept a new suspension and leave immediately. Angela reluctantly agrees to hold the sign outside, but when she changes the sign to mock China, the brewing storm forms an eye and becomes a hurricane. Kim comes out and rips the sign from Angela’s hand, which begins the biggest fight this season. It’s going to take a lot of backpedaling for Angela to survive this battle.

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