Sneak Peek

Tick Tick Boom

Season 1, Episode 7
Aired 7.12.12

China loses her cool with everyone in the salon, including one of the clients. Kim cuts her hair too short before her second date with Frank. China breaks down and tries to resign as salon manager. Show Full Recap

When it comes to styling celebrity hair, trends are always changing. Styles come in and out of vogue faster than an end can split. However, when it comes to the drama inside the Kimble Hair Studio, some things never change. Will the fight between Anthony and China ever end? Kim has a second date with Frank and needs Jasmine to style her hair, which becomes a huge step for rebuilding her trust with her mother. But will Jas be able to pull it off with no problems? When Kim returns to the salon, she meets a new client, Gangster rapper Miss LA. Has one of Kim's stylists disrespected this star? And why is China crying? Is she ready to give up her role as manager? Tune in Thursday, July 12th at 9|8c to find out!

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