Sneak Peek

Wigged Out

Season 1, Episode 5
Aired 6.28.12

Drama is fierce as Anthony double-books China. Kim deals with her nerves while helping the biggest little diva in Hollywood prepare for the Oscars. Mikki Taylor calls on Kim for an editorial shoot. Show Full Recap

With the Academy Awards right around the corner, Kim and her crew of elite stylists have their hands full dealing with a long list of celebrities prepping for the gala event. When Kim gets an urgent call from one of the most influential and important divas in all of entertainment, she knows she has her work cut out for her trying to impress the biggest little star in Hollywood. The pressure on Kim is intense; this pink diva will accept nothing short of perfection for her red carpet debut. Drama at the salon reaches new heights as Anthony intentionally double-books China, leaving singer and actress Antonique Smith waiting impatiently. China has little time to deal with Anthony’s obvious sabotage, and instead accepts Angela’s offer to take the new client off of her hands. China is surprised by Angela’s sudden cooperation, unaware that Angela is merely seizing the opportunity to add Antonique to her growing list of celebrity clientele. With the Oscars successfully behind them, Kim assembles her team for a big announcement: Mikki Taylor, beauty editor at-large for Essence magazine, has called upon Kim and her staff to create an exciting high-fashion look for designer Kevan Hall’s fall collection. Having only one day to pull everything together before the shoot, it’s going to take her entire team, working in harmony, to make this job a success. With her high-fashion reputation on the line, Kim wonders if her staff can table their petty drama long enough to create something fierce. The next day, the crew returns to the salon to find a disgruntled Anthony ready to unload his emotional baggage from being left out of the Essence shoot. Kim makes it clear that Anthony’s behavior and attitude will no longer be tolerated. If he ever hopes to regain his position as her assistant, he needs to leave the drama at home along with his garish outfits. Emotions continue to run hot in the crowded salon as Kim prepares to make a huge announcement that will shake everything up.

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