Sneak Peek

Time for Some Hair-apy

Season 4, Episode 11
Aired 10.8.15

Jonathan enrages Kim when he talks about her on live TV. Terry and Gocha must co-manage the salon, while Leah explores a new business venture. A snitch gets Gocha kicked to the curb. Kim styles Teyana Taylor. Show Full Recap

After Leah’s dramatic departure, the salon needs a new manager. Kim names Terry and Gocha co-managers, and the shears come out. Jonathan appears on local news and enrages Kim with his comments. Gocha questions her relationship with roommate Angela, and gets into trouble when a snitch lays out her dirty laundry. Kim styles Teyana Taylor. Jonathan tries to apologize to Kim for his comments on the news; Kim storms off in a fit of rage. Leah explores a new business partnership.

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