Sneak Peek

Down Wright Shade

Season 5, Episode 3
Aired 1.19.17

Hair Majesty calls on internet star James Wright to blow up her wig line. Kim reveals her secret man! Tiger’s wild move could get him eaten alive! Show Full Recap

Hair Majesty calls on internet star James Wright to blow up her wig line. Kim reveals her secret man! Tiger’s wild move could get him eaten alive!

Executive Producer

Todd A. Nelson

Executive Producer

JD Roth

Executive Producers

DJ Nurre

Jen Mcclure-Metz

Executive Producer

Kim Kimble


Developed by

JD Roth

Todd A. Nelson


Kim Kimble

Leah Aldridge

Jonathan Antin

The Naja

Gocha Hawkins

Jasmine Kimble

Stacey Kutz

Tiger Bautista

Macray Huff

Jay Jones

Giorgio Vango

Line Producer

William Erb

Consulting Producers

Jason Giles

Camela Coggins

Supervising Producer

Joseph Guidry

Supervising Producers

Cristina Bishai

Sunny Franklin

Field Producers

Jessica O’Byrne

Sarah Jean Gallant

Coordinating Producer

Joseph Sims

Segment Producer

Nyjia Jones

Production Manager

Kevin Goddard

Associate Producer

Matthew Graham

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Jenny Phang

Ramona Nicoletti

Director Of Photography

Christian Ortega

Camera Operators

Andrew Kwon

Renato Moore

TJ Yerke

Lead Camera Assistant

Mike Ricitelli

Camera Assistant

Rudy Perez

Lighting Designer

Luis Guizar

Production Designer

Kadijah Moss


Art Meyerhoff

Best Boy

Thomas Plant

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Todd Bauer

Audio Mixer

Mary Capel

Key Production Assistant

Sebastian Keck

Production Assistants

Emily Amos

Brendon Simmons

Amanda Toan

Senior Story Producer

Mark D'anna

Story Editor

Jennifer Lake  

Story Producer

Lucy Bennett


Seung Im

Alex Petrovich 

Lead Assistant Editor

Dylan Bond

Assistant Editors

Lauren Dunn

Manny Villalobos

SVP of Post Production

Neil Coleman

Post Production Supervisor

Adam Helfgot

Post Tech Manager

Spencer Wolf

Post Production Coordinator

Danielle Lundgren

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Gerald Meech

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Mitchell Lindskoog

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Ispy Music


Benjamin Brown

Katelyn Fletcher


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Brooke Spector

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Sherri White

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Gloria Hooker

Corporate Accountant

Daniel Longmire

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Jennifer Snitko

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Julie M. Hunt

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Katherine Feller

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ross Weintraub

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Matthew C. Allyn

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Matthew D. Johnson

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Sitarah Pendelton-Eaglin

Angela Molloy

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Amanda Welsh

Production Coordinator

Ashley Fellman

Director Of Rights And Clearances

Benrus D. Madlangbayan

Vice President Of Development

David Stefanou

Senior Vice President Of Production

Theresa Patiri

Executive Producer

Lauren P. Gellert

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