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WE Tells All: Cabin Fever

Circus tricks, firing weapons, combat fighting and the blues: what do all of these things have in common? Well just ask the Adkins of Sinbad: It’s Just Family. After living under the same roof starts to take it’s toll on the gang, they each look to their own creative devices to help take down their stress levels.

In surprising fashion, quiet Meredith finds release from her tension by heading to the shooting range and enjoys it so much, she purchases her own gun! (Sinbad- you better not make her angry…haha) Royce is also feeling the pinch and turns to his Hapkido sensei for more advanced combat training, but not before his Dad asks him to teach Royce a lesson by REALLY taking him to the mat and making rethink his ‘professional fighter’ aspirations.

And it’s not over yet-Paige is suffering from major writer’s block and convinces the family to join her for trapeze lessons! I think you’d all agree that Sinbad and a trapeze are a scary mix…lastly Sinbad himself looks to break his ‘funk’ by tapping into his musical side and performing on stage for the fam (including Royce’s new girlfriend-although I’m told by insiders that he is NOW single 😉 so no worries ladies) as the character, “Memphis Red”…you have to see it to truly appreciate it! What did you guys of the performance?

Overall another week of the always expected ‘funny’ from this fabulous family…make sure you watch next Tuesday when Sinbad attempts to handle the house plumbing himself…yeah, it’s not good…!

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