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Getting Older Means More Freedom

I’m Linda, 64 years young, semi-retired and interested in finding a part time job. After coming to Surprise, AZ a few times, I found the sun, all the activities and the sense of freedom so welcoming. And I wanted to be close to my guy Bruce who recently bought a home here.

My perception of the aging process has changed because everyone you meet is so full of energy and so active. Everyone is busy walking, dancing, golfing and just having fun….age isn’t an issue. I am single but in a wonderful relationship so I’m not interested in dating anyone else.

Living in Surprise, AZ comes with so many perks in the community, fitness clubs, pools, educational, cultural and recreational activities, golf courses and SUNSHINE!! It is a city filled with energy, activity and new beginnings.

Since being here I have realized a chance to re-discover myself and go back to that exciting high-energy person I used to know. Living in Surprise, AZ is similar to high school and college in that I’m finding out what I’m really about. I’m learning how to live without needing to be something or do something in order to be complete. I’ve just been here a short time but been to Dance Doctors for a couple classes, learned how to shoot a gun and will go back for more, and took a couple fitness classes. Looking forward to doing more of the same. 

My family is very supportive and excited for me. I can’t wait to have a place so they can come visit me and see how fantastic Surprise is. I’m not a member of any clubs yet, still checking them out – check back with me later on that.

A misconception that I would like to dispel about life in Surprise, AZ is that life doesn’t end at 65; for me it’s really the beginning. But what I miss the most about being young would be the innocence and youthful abandonment. What I enjoy most about being older is freedom and learning to be less critical of myself. Not worrying about getting others’ “approval.”

I grew up one of eight children; David, Ann, Sally, Jerome, Jeff, Kendall and Dean. I’ve learned a lot from the loss of my father, brother David and sister, Ann and how important family really is. My father gave us the love of laughter and my mother patience and understanding. My sister was my confidant and my brothers were my support. My children, Terry and Andrea, are my heart and soul – I’m so very proud of them. My 10 grandchildren are the light of my life. And Bruce, the man I love, encourages my individuality and strength. What more could one ask for!

My Sunset Daze experience has forced me to open my eyes and once again see the possibilities within. I no longer need to be looking outside myself for approval and acceptance. I need to set myself free. I am experiencing a renewed faith and learning to believe that I’m beautiful just the way the Lord intended me to be. I want to grow, release the fear and open my heart to life. I want to share that freedom and peace with others and discover the right path to LIVE fully without fear.

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