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Boot Camp Booze: The Drunk Tank

This week on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars the Boot Campers had to confess their darkest secrets or face the doctor’s ultimate punishment. For some, it was an easy choice to make, and although it was difficult sharing their deepest fears and feelings with their partner, they made it through the drill a little lighter and fully dry. But for others, getting dropped into a tank with electric eels was worth keeping their secrets private. That’s why this week for #BootCampBooze we are giving a little tribute to all the Boot Campers who took a chance on the dunk tank, and put their lives in the hands of Dr. Ish and Dr. V. This cocktail, is our personal version of their dunk tank, just with a little less of a bite. Sit back, relax, and give The Drunk Tank a try for yourself.

1 Serving


6 oz. Black Cherry Soda
2 oz. Vanilla Vodka
Gummy Worms


  • Freeze gummy worms in ice cube trays 5 hours prior to making drink.
  • In a tall glass combine the black cherry soda and vodka.
  • Add gummy worm ice cubes, extra gummy worms, and serve!

You don’t need to spill any secrets, just relax, watch #MarriageBootCamp, and make The Drunk Tank cocktail!

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