Amy and Dillon

Amy Duggar and Dillon King’s communication issues are boiling over into resentment, so the couple is headed to Boot Camp to patch up their marriage.

Ashley and JP

When Ashley gave JP her final rose on The Bachelorette, they never thought they’d be seeking help at the Boot Camp mansion. Since the birth of their son, JP feels that he is an after thought and it’s threatening the foundation of their marriage. Will Dr. Ish and Dr. V be able to help the couple find a balance between romance and their new family?

Gabi and Victor

Gabi and Victor have issues seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting, life, and relationships in general. Boot Camp is a last-ditch effort for the couple because Gabi doesn’t want to raise her son in a negative environment.

Premadonna and Buck

At Boot Camp, Premadonna and Buck hope to work on their communication issues so she can finally have her walk down the aisle that she’s been waiting for.

Renee and Joe

Mob Wives matriarch, Renee Graziano is bringing her secret, long-term boyfriend to Boot Camp because she’s looking for a bigger (and public) commitment.

Dr. Ish

Dr. Ish Major has spent the last 10 years demystifying the male psyche and helping men and women navigate their way through…

Dr. V

Known for her whip-smart mind and razor-sharp tongue, Dr. Venus Nicolino (AKA Dr. V) made her presence known when she appeared as…