Lust or Bust

Season 2, Episode 6
Aired 2.13.15

A sex tape exposes the reality stars; Aviva is humiliated. A game of spin the bottle reveals intimate confessions. Tyson proves to be selfish in and out of the bedroom; Rachel is over it and breaks down. Show Full Recap

It is day six of Marriage Boot Camp, and on the agenda for the day is sex. A warm up game of spin the bottle breaks down communication barriers in the bedroom. But instead of kissing each other, the couples will have to “kiss and tell” their most intimate secrets. To everyone’s surprise, Syleena agrees to a threesome while a flushed Aviva stonewalls to answer even the most benign question. In light of the day, Natalie and Jacob sneak off for an afternoon delight while Reid’s efforts in the bedroom are rebuffed. The reality stars are blindsided when they find out that they will be making a sex tape. The exercise will take a peek inside of their bedrooms where the biggest problems manifest. To their relief, puppets will trot out the couples’ sex routines and the role-play is shocking. Syleena and Kiwane open up with an electric performance, while Aviva and Reid hold back and festering tensions escalate. Elimination leaves the couples with “homework” for the night, and Heidi and Spencer show a glimpse of progress during a one-on-one. Meanwhile, Rachel decides to take matters into her own hands and seeks advice from the person she thinks is the strongest in the house - Natalie. The night ends with the ball left in Tyson’s court when he proves to be a selfish lover in and out of the bedroom. Rachel is over the hang-ups and is done. Lust or Bust Episode Credits

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