Sneak Peek

Shock It To Me

Season 2, Episode 5
Aired 2.6.15

Couples are stunned when they undergo surprise shock therapy to learn how to communicate. A limb-throwing argument mortifies Aviva; Spencer insults Natalie and simmering tensions explode. Show Full Recap

Communication is the theme of day five of Marriage Boot Camp and it begins when a furious Natalie confronts Heidi regarding Jacob’s shirtless photos. The first drill sees the couples challenged to communicate when they are forced to drive an obstacle course blind. Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll up the ante when they announce the losers will serve the winner’s lunch. Unbeknownst to the couples, it is yet another communication test. So when Natalie and Jacob win and Heidi and Spencer lose the drill, the Directors seize the opportunity to address the simmering tensions between them. However, things go awry when Heidi and Spencer defile Natalie and Jacob's meals. The situation explodes when a disrespected Natalie confronts Spencer - drinks are thrown and the house erupts into a fight. Jim and Elizabeth are forced to intervene when one couple threatens to leave. Next, the couples are hit unexpectedly with painful shocks when they go head to head in a battle of words inside the Shocktagon. In this exercise, each reality star role-plays their spouse during an argument. Aviva is mortified when Reid takes the drill too far and Heidi is offended when Spencer repeatedly mocks her. A defiant Spencer refuses to apologize, leaving Heidi devastated and second guessing her marriage.

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