About Kirsten

Kirsten has been singing, acting and dancing since she was two years old. In her teens and 20s, she was a professional musical theater performer, singing and dancing her way across the country. At age 27, Kirsten attended a WE tv audition for “American Princess” and was cast for a season on the show filmed in New York and London. Kirsten was also featured on WE tv's “Bridezillas,” two subsequent “Where Are They Now” episodes, “Bridezilla” spots and now “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Currently, Kirsten is a voiceover artist that can be heard on commercials and is also a freelance entertainment reporter for a local station. She also owns Progressive Arts, a well-respected performing arts program for children. She also teaches drama at a local Catholic school and directs and choreographs professional-level musicals for schools in the area. Kirsten has been an advocate for anti-bullying and toured in an anti-bullying show for two seasons. She also gives private acting and singing lessons.

Her husband, Seth Walker, is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. He currently freelances as a photographer, cameraman and video editor for local and national programs. Seth has filmed numerous commercials and is especially known for his work in the music video industry. He is a graduate of Boston University’s film program and volunteers his time helping children in his area.

Kirsten and Seth’s daughter, Karsen Stella Walker, turned 2 years old on January 9, 2013, and is an adorable ball of energy. Karsen has battled developmental delays, but she is thriving. Her progress even stuns her therapists. She takes horseback riding therapy, swimming therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy and shows talent in multiple areas. For example, while most kids bang on a piano, Karsen can play a scale. She sings on key as she dances around the house. When her daddy tells her he wants to take her picture, he laughs because she immediately poses and smiles for him. Her giggle is infectious. She has already done modeling work and appears in a video for a charitable organization. Her parents call her an "amazing gift from God."

Kirsten, Seth and Karsen spend lots of time together at home on Florida’s Gulf Coast with their cat and two rescue dogs.